Important things to know by all potential participants of Ayahuasca

Drug addiction is a serious problem that needs to treat with the right way. Generally, the family of the addict has so many things to consider until they make the final decision. So, how many people do benefit from ayahuasca for drug addiction? Can shamanic visions cure addiction? Some people may try to use ayahuasca as an addiction treatment. However, they do it for the certain reasons.

Ayahuasca is a mixture of boiled banisteriopsis caapi vine and chacruna’s leaves. The boiling process then will produce brew containing the potent hallucinogenic substance. It is able to cross the blood brain barrier to producing psychoactive effects. Well, the patient will experience rapid thinking and hallucination a few hours after taking ayahuasca. Even though many individuals experience a purging, it is considered as a spiritual cleansing.

Some of the addicts may also suffer from another serious health issue. Simply talk, before bringing them to the retreat church in Peru, it is best to ensure that your loved one who faces addiction problem is not suffering from the following medical conditions:

– Heart condition
– Pregnancy
– Diabetes
– Liver and Kidney conditions
– Epilepsy
– Psychological conditions, including schizophrenia

Those who don’t suffer from the above medical conditions can come to the nearby ayahuasca retreat centre. Many pharmaceutical drugs, natural supplements, and even herbs are not compatible with ayahuasca because the work of the treatment is based on Amazon plants. As the participant, someone must be free of pharmaceutical intervention about 30 days prior. If you need to stop taking any medication, make sure you will consult with your medical expert. However, it is not good to let harming your health although ayahuasca comes with many potential benefits. Yes, you can also come to another physician to get the second opinion, so you will be sure about ayahuasca experience without any doubt and fear.