The spoken test to get the UK visa

Getting the UK visa is not as hard as the USA visa. However, you need to understand that you can’t underestimate the process as well. You need to pass a spoken exam, which is called as the Graded Examination in Spoken English. The test itself is categorized as the B1 English exam, and you definitely need to visit to learn more about this exam.

It’s not an interview, instead, it’s more like talking with a friend in such a very informal atmosphere. The examiner will choose you several given topics, and if you want the easy choice, you can talk to him about your personal histories, music, or even about the entertainment. If you love movies, you may be able to talk with him about it. Then, music can be a very good choice as well, due to it can unite people no matter from what country they’ve come from. Train your conversation skill properly, and you will do it just fine.