Role of PHR in Company

Can not be denied, in a company or industry the existence of HRD (Human Resources Development) or commonly referred to as personnel is one important part for the survival of the company. Often the HRD position of this company is considered a life for the company so that not infrequently this position tends to get a high enough authority and dominant in a managerial position of the company in taking steps or policies for its workers. Well, for those of you who are interested in occupying the position of HRD in a company, then you must know all about HRD. Follow PHR practice test by visiting our website.

In practice, quite a lot of job seekers or job seekers want the most important position in the company especially for job seekers who have an educational background in psychology, economics or law. Probably many of you who have not really understood what HRD company is and why this job is considered so important in a company. Human resources development or in the Indonesian language referred to as the field of human resources/personnel is part or division in a company management duty to organise and develop resources or capabilities of all employees in a company.

Being a corporate HRD does require special skills. As a person in charge of employee performance, an HRD in a company provides a very important role for the company. An HRD is fully responsible for the management of employees ranging from recruitment, entrance tests to interviews and determination of new employees. HRD also has the responsibility of managing and exploring the capabilities of every workforce and developing the potential of the workforce, providing training or training on leadership and other skills in the world of work. In view of this role, it is appropriate that these HRD positions tend to have significant positions and authority in a company because they have a heavy responsibility, which is to take care of all the interests and overall needs of the existing workers, even those who sit in the highest managerial seats.