Types of SEO Services In Search Engine Optimization

You may have found the term SEO while on the move in cyberspace. For blogging or site practitioners, the term SEO is not new or foreign. But for ordinary internet users, what is SEO and why many people learn it may be a question that has not been answered completely. SEO is actually an abbreviation of search engine optimization or if it means meaningful search engine optimization. Thus, SEO can be defined as a particular effort or activity that aims to influence the visibility or ranking of a site in a search engine. SEO usually involves various keyword optimization techniques that have been done research first. A well-optimized site is marked by the appearance of the site at the top of the leading pages of search engines – primarily Google when users type in a particular keyword. To make it easier for you to understand what SEO is, the following editor gave examples of the application of SEO and why SEO services are needed.

After discussing the matter of understanding than the purpose and benefits, it is the time we go into the material that is rather heavy. That is the types of SEO optimization. In general, there are two types of optimization, the first is On Page SEO and the second Off Page SEO. SEO On Page is a series of optimization efforts conducted on your own site so that the pages that meet the criteria of good SEO. This type of optimization includes the easiest optimization done and even become a routine ritual for the bloggers. On Page SEO techniques can be done by inserting relevant keywords in some parts of your site. For example, site title or article title, description or Meta Description on the main page as well as articles, site content or articles, categories, permalink or URL. Off page SEO is also the same, it is also a series of the optimization process, but it is done outside of your site but is part of the factors that can affect your website ranking. In this case, we will talk more about backlinks or backlinks.

This technique is done by building backlinks from certain sites that lead to your site. What’s the point? Point to increase the popularity of the site which will also be one of the indicators determine the position in search engines. Every time the Off Page SEO method develops and changes, some practitioners even think backlinks are not important anymore. But I personally think, backlinks remain important and decisive as long as they are applied in the right way. Here are some types of backlinks recommended by SEO practitioners.