Know the Types of Massage

Massage has many benefits. Its main function is to smooth the blood circulation and relax the muscles, so it can eliminate the feeling of fatigue and tired. But in addition to the above main functions, it is also commonly done for certain purposes, such as to eliminate disease or slimming. You can experience a fun and professional massage experience by visiting Massage Envy. If you want to register to be a member, you can visit our website and find out Massage Envy Membership Cost. Here are some types of massage you need to know.

– Traditional Massage
This one massage is the simplest and favourite type. Traditional massage is one of the healthy lifestyle choices for the most popular beautiful skin. The use of aromatherapy is the hallmark of this massage. This soothing fragrance that makes women like to linger doing this therapy. The movement is simple, namely by doing a light massage throughout the body. This movement is usually a tap, squeeze, and sweep on the body. In addition, scrubs are also commonly used in traditional massage to remove dead skin cells, so it can smooth the skin.

– Warm Stone Massage
This massage therapy uses natural materials such as natural stone that can deliver heat to the body. Warm stone massage serves to reduce muscle tension, so the body will feel more relaxed. You can also practice this massage yourself at home. The trick, select a quality stone, which is black and slippery when held. First, do a light massage on the body to feel the relaxed body. Use also smeared aromatherapy oil to smooth the skin of the body. Then, stick the natural stone that has been warmed with the movement following the backbone. To heat properly, let stand for 15 minutes, then remove.

– Thai Massage
Thai massage sensation is very distinctive, namely oil spray. Thai massage relies heavily on the power of the thumb that suppresses the weak point of the muscle. This massage is usually much focused on the area around the back, face, and legs. In addition, this massage also uses a lot of body movement for stretching, so it is done on the mat and wear loose clothing.