Before Buying, Get To Know Type Of Toilet Seat

Sit closet is the most important sanitary device in a bathroom. Do not believe it? Try to count how often you use the toilet seat in a day. So to be comfortable when used, note the following points before you buy a toilet seat. The three most popular sit-down sit forms available on the market are monoblocks, duo-blocks and wall hung. The form of a monoblock closet is marked with a water tank that blends into the body (bowl) of the toilet, so the design looks more simple. While in the duo-block closet, separate toilet, and toilet tanks. The third type of closet, the wall hung closet is the latest design innovation where the tank is embedded in the wall, while the body of the closet looks like hanging on the wall. The beauty of the design makes this closet suitable to be applied in the bathroom modern design. No need to worry about its strength, this type of closet is able to withstand loads up to 150kg. By knowing the type of toilet, you can decide to choose the best toilets for your bathroom.

The flush system also has two different types, namely single flush, and dual flush. For single type flush, there is a button that uses and some are shaped stick or lever is pulled up. As for the dual flush system that is often found in modern toilets generally use a water ratio of 3: 6 liters according to the size of the available buttons. Another factor that affects the attractiveness of a toilet is the technology embedded in it. Nowadays technological sophistication makes the toilet seat smarter and comfortable to use. One of them is using a motion sensor to open the closet, then there’s also the toilet that has been equipped with audio devices so that users can enjoy your favorite music when using the toilet. This technologically sophisticated closet has a price that is certainly more expensive than the toilet in general. Although the toilet seat technology is getting more sophisticated, still the comfort and hygiene factors are the main factors that you should prioritize. Some people even choose to pay attention to the diameter of the drain or trap way is great because it is considered cleaner.