Your Web Ranking Dropped? That’s Not an SEO Technique Mistake

In reality, SEO is not just a link building. Link building is taken into account in Google’s algorithm system, but that does not mean SEO is how to get backlinks from other websites as much as possible. There are so many other things to take into account in SEO if you just focus on link building, then just get ready in the face of Google algorithm update, because the website that uses SEO service have foundation link, have no other foundation. But in, we will help your web to have high ranking.

If in two-three months your website always goes to page one for certain keywords, then the next month your website down to page 2 or 3 then it does not mean SEO technique done in the last month was wrong. Things that often happens is because the website is not optimised or it could be because Google is doing an update algorithm and your website becomes one of the victims. Another thing that sometimes happens is there is a negative SEO, that is someone else put a link to our website on a website that has been considered bad by Google so that our website participate become victims. This can be prevented by always monitoring the links that lead to our website.